Create Online Store. Free!

For creating a store you need to sign up and fill up some details. It will uncrate your store in seconds.

The details given in signup can be change by login to the backend of your store. The email id and the name of the store cannot be change.

To log in simply fill up the details in the login tab in or you can go to store admine of your store.

On signing up with us system sends mail directly to your registered email id. If not found in your main inbox please go through your spam and mark it not spam for the future communication by the store.

You can use the tab on the website or you can use the url like

The 1st page that can be seen on login to your back end and it is basically gives the overall brief of your website.

Meta tags are basically tags that are used by the inbuilt SEO software to optimize your store.

To add variants you need to create the tags and the class. The system then generates the variants when you press generate variant button.

The features in the back end are as per your plans and you have already paid for them.

The 1st one is basically to promote your store to your existing clients while the former is to attract new clients by combining newsletter with the coupons or offers.

No of themes you want to use are up to you. You can select one every hour or every month. The paid themes are only for the clients who paid for the particular theme.

No of theme sliders are unlimited.

As such you require only one payment gateway but our system supports multiple gateways and hence it gives you the luxury of choosing your own payment gateway.

By default we are giving stripe for cards, Paypal and paytm as a wallet system Plus card and cash on delivery.

The shipping is taken care by DTDC and they will also give us the facility of door to door pick up and droop, of cash on delivery and return as very competitive rates for the local market.

We are giving no domain as such to our clients. We provide them with subdomain which is written something like But for the customers we have option where they can buy their domain or even use as a pointer to their store if they already have them.

Followers are your link to your social media websites or any urls.

Your stores are SEO friendly and we are also giving mass mailing software even with the basic store plan. Other than your system marketing our people time to time will help you in marketing your store on social media pages. Other than digital marketing we will also produce the news later which contains the feature products of few stores as well as their contact details every month to distribute among the mass.

17rs a day is nothing compare to our actual expenditure of a day. Even cup of a tea cost more then your e-commerce store now.

Following are the calculation provided by our e-commerce specialist

  1. The Professional design cost = Rs. 30,000/-
  2. The domain registrations = Rs. 700/-
  3. The Hosting ( depending on your plan) = Rs. 1000/-
  4. Change of design = Rs. 10,000/-
  5. SEO starting from = 50,000/-

Plus your It staff and their salary. Hence the amount you put in creating your actual store is very high compare to our price. Other than helping you in marketing we also help in maintaining your store. Hence even man power can be reduce to one or two store manager.

The store can be created in seconds. Your product and other basic setting takes around 30 minute including payment gateway. And hence approx. it takes 30 min for you to start selling your product